Sunday, September 5, 2010

Colourful Orchids


  1. I remember the outlandish orchid farm across my old town. Circa 1978, I was turning nine when my aunt brought me there. As a little boy who loved cowboys and Vikings, an orchid farm was just a typical farm for me. But surprisingly, I was wrong. My aunt let me play as she had to do some conversation with the farm owner. I ran into the soil pathways that divided the island plots, like a real cowboy, as if I were sailing like a real Viking into its mini farm-made streams. I went up a wooden ladder covered by rose vines, and amassed beautiful memories of the view which I could still clearly remember up to now. I saw the beautiful flowers in Indianapolis’ heart, blooming like a rainbow and sun in a hidden farm, which I felt how lucky I was for having this paradise just across our house.
    And that’s the power of your photography―you bring back memories. Lovely pictures, Madame.

  2. Thank you very much Roger for this beautiful story. I am so glad my photos have brought back memories for you.
    I did try to look up your profile, but it is not available to view.